For the last few years my 4 children have had the pleasure of attending Leah Moran's Stageschool. It is now a staple in our lives which all look forward to and we even coordinate our weekends and holidays around the classes. Summer holidays wouldn't be complete without the two weeks at Leah's Summer Camp. And what can be said about those Shows! Wow.

We all love them, both those who get to Star in them and also the rest of us, lucky enough to watch in the audience the wonders that have been worked, in such a short time to create spectacular entertainment in the form of dancing, singing and acting. Not to be missed!

The confidence my children have gained is obvious to all. For me I have gained both friends and advisors in Leah and her staff.  We whole heartedly love the whole experience, Leah and her great teachers.

The Hayes Horde!

“My daughter has been attending the stage school since it first opened 5 years ago. Under the wonderful guidance of Leah and her team my daughter has developed her singing and dancing abilities and loves nothing more than participating in all the school’s performances and end of terms shows.  Learning new routines and songs are fun and enjoyable!”


Wednesday afternoon at Leah's Stage School is definitely the highlight of the week for the girls, Ciara (8) and Caoimhe (4); they spend the first half of the week looking forward to it and the second half of the week singing the songs and practising the dance moves they learnt at class.

There's a lovely atmosphere at the class which starts the moment you walk in the door to be greeted by the friendly Trish and Ann.  And then there is Leah herself; where does she get her energy from?! And despite the fact that hundreds of pupils pass through her hands on a weekly basis, she has time for everybody, regardless of age or ability.  

I'm delighted my girls attend Leah's Stage School and they have come on in leaps and bounds since they joined, not just in terms of their singing and dancing but also socially, through the lovely friendships they have formed with their classmates. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Leah's Stage School.

Sharon Lowe